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Noise/Nuisance Ordinance Development

Updated March 29, 2024

The Township is dedicating this page to the development of a noise/nuisance ordinance to encourage community input and feedback. This page will serve as the primary source of public documents utilized in the noise/nuisance ordinance discussions.

The Township acknowledges that the quality of life of its residents depends on a measure of tranquility in their homes and neighborhoods, free from excessive noise irritation from various sources. Certain activities and industries create unwanted noise and disturbance, and the objective of developing this ordinance is to control sound levels in residential areas.

All documents are available as PDFs to promote accessibility. If you would like Word versions of any document, or would like to submit feedback, comments, concerns, or join the mailing list for this ordinance development, please email Township Manager Julia Heilakka at julia@smithfieldtownship.com or attend a public meeting. All public hearings or meetings are streamed via YouTube and are accessible via Zoom. In-person attendance is also welcome.

Useful Links

  1. Board of Supervisors meeting info & agendas
  2. Join Board of Supervisors Meetings on Zoom
  3. Planning Commission meeting info & agendas
  4. Join Planning Commission Meetings on Zoom
  5. Stream Township Meetings on YouTube

The ordinance will be considered for adoption on April 24, 2024.

Current Ordinance Draft