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  • July 2022 eNewsletter

        Have a Blast, but be Safe! Independence Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with fireworks? While we all want to have a blast, no one wants to spend Independence Day in the emergency room, which is exactly where more than 15,600 …READ MORE »
  • June 2022 eNewsletter

        Prevent Wrongful Discharge to Storm Drains Any substance discharged onto an impervious surface will almost always end up in the stormwater system, and ultimately our drinking water supply source. Although some pollutant sources may seem trivial (like pet waste, decomposing grass clippings, and the over-use of fertilizer), the effects …READ MORE »
Township History
More than 25 years before the United States Declaration of Independence, Smithfield Township was created - not born - as a political decision of the Bucks County Commissioners and Court. Many times since then, some authority’s political decision has shaped the scope, boundaries, and social forces operating on this Township.