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Orchard BJK & Scott Petition for Zoning Change - Denied

Updated Thursday, January 12, 2023

Thank you to everyone who attended the Board of Supervisors' meeting on January 11, 2023. The Board voted to deny the zoning change request, so the parcels in question will remain in the residential district.

The Township is dedicating this page to the proposed project submitted by petitioners Orchard BJK, Craig & Russ Scott, and Mountain Manor Holding, L.P. This page will serve as the primary source of public documents utilized in the current proceedings. Documents will be made available in a timely fashion upon submission, introduction in a hearing, or upon delivery to the Township by professionals or outside agencies.

Orchard BJK (a private developer, wholly unaffiliated with Smithfield Township), Craig & Russ Scott, and Mountain Manor Holding, L.P. is proposing to re-zone Parcels Nos.,,, and from R-1 (low density residential) to ED (Economic Development). Though a separate land development plan is required, the petitioners have stated their intent to develop a dry goods warehouse on the property.

All public hearings or meetings are streamed via YouTube and are accessible via Zoom. In-person attendance is also welcome.

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Next Hearing Date: N/A - Hearing Concluded

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