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Ken Wolfe
Zoning Officer

The Zoning Officer’s term is one year and is renewable by the Board of Supervisors. The duties of the Zoning Officer include enforcing Township Ordinances, inspecting construction sites, reviewing plans, issuing zoning permits, and answering complaints. The Zoning Officer also accepts all applications for new construction, changes, or variances that will be heard by the Zoning Hearing Board. See below for more information on Zoning Permits and Zoning Maps/Regulations.

Tino Nocchi
Building Codes Inspector (Base Engineering, Inc.)

The Building Code Inspector’s term is one year and is renewable by the Board of Supervisors. Their duties include inspecting residential and commercial sites to ensure fitness for occupancy, reviewing plans, and issuing certain permits as required by law.

David Manter
Acting Sewage Enforcement Officer

The Sewage Enforcement Officer’s term is one year and is renewable by the Board of Supervisors. Their duties include reviewing applications for sewage system construction and maintenance permits, issuing said permits, inspecting the construction of on-lot sewage systems, investigating and reporting violations, and reviewing plans for subdividing properties and creating new land developments.

Zoning Permits

A Zoning Permit is required if you:

  • Build additions to your property that increase or add to the footprint
  • Erect a new structure
    (garages, decks, sheds, car ports, pools, additions, patios)
  • Change the use of a building or establish a new use on your property
  • Erect signs (including political signs)
  • Build a driveway
  • Put in a well
  • Or repair a structure
  • Other zoning permits include transient retail, soliciting/hawking, home occupation, and certificates of compliance or occupancy
  • Zoning Fee Schedule

Building Permits

A Residential Building Permit is required if you:

  • Build any or make additions to dwellings
  • Erect a new structure
    (garages, decks 30” above grade, sheds over 1000 sq. ft, sunrooms, pools, pole buildings)
  • Install solar arrays
  • Build a roof over a porch or deck
  • Connect or re-establish electrical service
  • Erect retaining walls over 4 ft. high
  • Or make alterations, including structural changes, plumbing, HVAC, and/or electric

A Commercial Building Permit is required if you:

  • Erect new commercial buildings or make additions
  • Make any alterations, including structural, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, sprinklers, fire alarms
  • Complete any repairs
  • Erect signage, including wall signs, free standing, and monumental, including with or without electricity
  • Connect to electric services, make panel upgrades, or install low voltage wiring/data cabling
  • Install solar arrays
  • Or erect retaining walls
Building Fee Schedule

Sewage Permits

A Sewage Permit is required if you:

  • Build new on-lot disposal systems
  • Repair on-lot disposal systems
  • Install a spray irrigation system
  • Install a drip irrigation system

Sewage Fee Schedule

Zoning Map