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Smithfield Township July Calendar Update

Smithfield Township Municipal Center will be CLOSED July 5th in observance of Independence Day.

Board of Supervisors Rescheduled Meetings:
Work Session                                                     Wednesday, July 14th at 4pm
Regular Business Meeting                                Tuesday, July 20th at 7pm

Thank you for your understanding, updates will be posted on the Smithfield Township Event Calendar and Facebook.

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

National Park Service Announcement of Updated Regulations

So many questions come up when planning a trip to the Poconos; Where can I go camping? Am I allowed to have a campfire? Which park trails allow bicycles? Can I bring my dog? Where can I have a barbecue? Can I fly my drone?

“Being aware of the rules and regulations is a good place to start when planning a trip to the park. Knowing what is allowed and where you can go to do certain activities is an important part of having a safe and fun national park visit,” advised Chief Ranger Eric Lisnik. “Be sure to check the park’s website for the latest updates and information before visiting, whether you’re coming from down the road or across the country.”

“Some of the most beautiful places to visit are also among the most fragile environments in the park and are easily damaged by trash, human waste, overuse, and misuse,” said Kara Deutsch, Chief of Resource Management and Science at the park. “We ask all visitors to follow the rules and regulations when visiting so that these special areas can remain as they are for future generations of visitors to also enjoy.”

Be sure your questions are answered by checking out the new policy below! Set an example by considering the nature of our local parks and treating them well. For more information on Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, call 570-426-2452 or visit the National Park Service’s website.


Keystone Scholars

PA Savings Plan For Your Baby’s Future Education

Pennsylvania’s investment in your child’s bright future is Keystone Scholars. This program is under the umbrella of PA 529 which refers to Section 529 of the IRS tax code, providing special tax breaks to encourage savings. To each family that registers, the Keystone Scholars fund will provide a starting deposit $100 for each infant born in Pennsylvania after December 31, 2018. This program is funded by the Guaranteed Savings Plan and Philanthropic donations, the $100 will be invested by Pennsylvania Treasury and will grow with your child over time. This savings fund will then be utilized for your child’s future post-secondary education costs. As a family continuously adds just $25 a month, your child may acquire about $10,000 by the time they graduate high school! There are no income limits and anyone can contribute.

In the Beginning there was Lightning

By Robert Lovenheim

June was the month of thunderstorms, and July looks like more of the same. The next time dark clouds close out the daylight, still keep a safe distance but enjoy the show! I recommend one of those comfy canvas camp chairs on a covered porch or inside an opened garage. As the thunder booms and the sky turns gunmetal gray, you’ll feel the wind change direction and chill. Thunder grows louder and rain splats slap the driveway.

Suddenly the dark sky lights for a millisecond, pinioning every object in blue-white light. Count the seconds until the thunder crack blasts. Divide the seconds by 5 to estimate miles in the distance; the sound can travel one mile in about 5 seconds. If the seconds get shorter, start thinking. Is it moving our way? Will the power stay on? Does my phone still work?

A few things to consider before a storm:

  • Fully charge any electronic devices and portable chargers you have.
  • Have matches & candles/flashlights & batteries handy.
  • Fill your bathtub with water and put a bucket by the toilet to flush.
  • Clean and fill water containers with drinking water.
  • Make sure you have snacks that don’t require electricity to prepare.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy.
  • Keep a news source line open, whether it is a radio or website.

Now that you’re prepared, time travel to an earth 3.5 billion years ago, before life evolved, where the land was pocked with volcanoes caked in basalt. The skies, fed by the steam from the volcanoes, are roiled with dark-as-night thunder clouds. The strike of each lightning arc of 300 million volts shatters the chemical structure of the basalt, releasing phosphorus, while the pelting rain provides moisture to join it with other elements that make up the basic building blocks of DNA. Eventually, something began oozing out of the slime that could direct itself, reproduce itself, grow and change. Life. That camp chair in the garage is a mighty good seat for a show where I can think such amazing thoughts.






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