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Hialeah Picnic Area







On River Road, Hialeah Park is a popular picnic area with picnic tables and ample parking. Controlled by the National Park Service and linked by trail to nearby Smithfield Beach, it is a an easy walking and picnicking destination that the NPS offers without a parking fee.




Marshalls Falls Park













The newest park in Smithfield Township is not easy to find. That is because it is not yet officially opened as a park. GPS won’t get you there. Nor is there a sign at the parking entrance. Go up Marshalls Creek Road from the intersection of Route 209 Business at the Marshalls Creek shopping center. Look for what appears to be a large, abandoned parking lot on the right. If you park and bushwhack inland and up the creek, you will be rewarded with the sight of Marshall’s Creek Falls. This hidden gem is one of the highest and most stately cascades in the area. Standing below, it is difficult to imagine you are only ten minutes from the road and close to civilization. Like much of Smithfield Township, the falls is a reminder that we are living in a world parallel to a primeval time that is unchanged by the ages of man.



Minisink Park








Many people do not know the wonders that await them on the trails (baby stroller and handicapped accessible) through the forest behind the soccer fields of Minisink Park. Walk into the wooded areas and you’ll vanish into a private fantasy all your own. Maybe you can imagine giant mammoths forging in the shadow of melting glaciers, or see yourself as an explorer coming upon the free-flowing waters of Cherry Creek or Brodhead creek as they join to flow into the Delaware. 

Informative kiosks tell of the animals, birds, and plants that now inhabit this lost paradise. Benches are great for a rest and contemplation. There are two different trails, one behind each soccer field, on the north and south sides of the railroad track that crosses River Road. If you enter from the south side (close to the PA Welcome Center), you will need to cross Cherry Creek on stepping stones to emerge from the canopy into the town of Delaware Water Gap (the trail is not handicapped accessible over the creek).




Mount Nebo Park








Hilly forest, small ponds, games trails and lush bird colonies are part of the Pocono experience. All of these exist in Mount Nebo Park. Once beyond the parking lot you can walk an hour or more without crossing the same trail again. But the paths are well-marked so it is not difficult to find your way back from the forest experience of possibly seeing deer and other forest creatures in the thick recesses that seem much farther away from civilization than Mount Nebo Road. Mount Nebo park also offers catch/release fishing for children and a camp site for overnight camping by groups (bring your own tents). Please make camping reservations through the Township office.




River’s Edge Bike Pump Park

When this future park is completed next spring (2017), it will be a training track for ages up to 12. 

How to ride a bike pump track:

A pump track is a continuous loop of round bumps and banked turns that you ride not by pedaling, but by “pumping." Basically, you get heavy on the backs of bumps and light on the fronts of bumps. If you've ever skateboarded in a bowl or skied moguls, you've pumped.

As your pump track skills soak into your mind and body, you'll see your normal trails in an entirely new way. Instead of obstacles, you'll see opportunities. You'll ride much smoother and faster, and it will actually feel easier. Have you ever seen a rider flow like water though a rock garden? He or she is pumping. Our track is designed for riders up to about 12 years of age.




Smithfield Beach







On River Road in the Delaware River National Recreation Area, Smithfield Beach is a popular river swimming beach as well as an active area for canoe, kayak, and raft launching. It also has a drive-in ramp where outboard fishing craft can be launched into the river. Smithfield is extremely popular during the summer months and the NPS charges a parking fee for each vehicle entering. 

High season or off season, it is also a place for easy access to the McDade Trail - a hiking and biking trail that goes north all the way to Milford Beach. In the winter the trail is a great place to learn or practice cross country skiing and snow shoeing.




Waterfront Park








Located on Red Fox Road at Twin Falls Road, Waterfront Park offers some of the most complete recreation opportunities in Smithfield Township. The stream flowing past the park is usually home to several families of ducks who watch over the basketball court, baseball and soccer fields. A picnic shelter and children’s play equipment area are also available. Special use of the park can be arranged for school and social groups (contact the Township offices).