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Updated Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Smithfield Township strives for transparency. Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, all Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission, Board of Auditors, and Zoning Hearing Board meetings have been streamed on YouTube or have included a Zoom capability. Further, the Township has enabled the public to view meetings in their entirety after meetings have taken place. That footage is available via YouTube.

We believe transparency to be fundamental, so regardless of how many views or participants, we ensure our meetings are accessible via remote means. However, it is not enough to be transparent for transparency’s sake. The Board believes the public should be able to interact with meetings and be able to understand on a granular level, the public hearings taking place.

With public interest at an all-time high, we find it immensely important for the public to see publicly accessible materials without a Right-to-Know request being filed, particularly as it relates to public hearings. Since 2021, the Township has provided pages with public hearing documents, including transcripts, applications, maps, plans, and other materials. It is now incumbent upon the Township to provide a singular page, archived by year, which provides these hearings in a navigable manner for all. Below, residents will find just that, beginning with 2023.

Jacob A. Pride
Chairman, Board of Supervisors

Points of Contact
Julia Heilakka
570.223.5082 x 9


The projects/applications submitted are provided by private developers and are in no way supported by the Township.

Projects of Public Interest by Year