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News that China is no longer taking unsorted recycling waste is leading to a major crises in the system. Americans regularly throw jsut about every category of supposedly recylable waste in the recycle bins, but only a fraction of it can be used.  The rest is plowed under in landfills.This includes pizza boxes with grease stains, plastic coated diapers, packing tape on boxes, food clam shell boxes, and junk mail. Limit what you throw in your recycle boxes to "The Big Four."  That is: Corrugated cardboard, plastic bottles and jugs with necks, metal food ns beverage cans, and glass bottles and jars. Concentrate on bottles with a neck like water bottles,milk jugs, detergent bottles.  That's it!  Throw away all caps and lids--that is a different material. And don't think that because the plastic bottle has the little triange on it (see photo above) that it is recyclable.Sadly, most of what we use goes to landfills.