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Rosemary Brown secures $552,682 grant for traffic light upgrades on 209

Say goodbye to long delays on Route 209. By this time next year Smithfield and Middle Smithfield hope to have a new, state-of-the-art computer actuated system controlling 10 lights at all major intersections on the corridor (except for Bushkill, since Lehman Township deciced not to participate in the program). The grant money, plus money contributed by the townships, will put in place a three quater of a million dollar system with a master control so sophsiticated it will actually learn traffic patterns and adjust flow 24 hours a day. When auto drive vehicles appear on the scene, this same system will be able to use years of stored data sets to control them. Rosemary Brown initiated interest, approaching us. We countered by suggesting covering the whole corridor and Middle Smithfield agreed to participate as well.