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Ticks and Deer Ticks are perennial challenge to living in the Poconos. Our part of Pennsylvania has one of the highest infestation rates in the Northeast. The best way to know if a tick is potenially harmful is to have it annalyzed. First you must remove the tick using a "Pro-Tick Remedy" remover (availavble online--basically a pair of cheap tweezers with a magnifying glass) or a pair of regular tweezers. Grasop the tick the head, pull it fimly put it in a plastic bag. Then clean the bite area with disinfectant. You should do this within 24 hours of the bite.

Take the tick to DEWA Safety Office at ESU Innovation Center, 562 Independence Rpad (Route 442 at the cornner of Brown Street). Their number: 570 422 7892. If you have been bitten by a deer tick, a rash will begin within 3 to 30 days. (The "bullseye many people think is the sign of a bite only appears in 50-60% of the cases). Symptoms can be: headache, loss of appetite, dfever, swollen glands, muscle and joint pain, conjunctivits (pink eye), tiredness. If you think you may have some of the symptoms or if rash develops--see a doctor without delay.

Anf the easiest way to prevent all this is to wear light colored clothing (to better see the ticks on you), wear insecticide where the active ingrtediant is DEET (the more the better), put your pants inside your socks, and check you body (or a friend's) after your hike. This is serious stuff if you get Lyme desease, so try to prevent tick bites.