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Township Maps

Smithfield Official Map thumbSmithfield Official Map thumb  There are several ways to view township maps. Click on the map image at left to enlarge it. This is a base map and is not very detailed.

There are four more maps available - three in pdf files ( click on title to open and/or download): one Zoning  map, one Base map with Population Information (a map without basic oulines and information), and a Topography map.  Monroe County also provides a GIS map (Geographic Information System) that we have linked to our website. This map can drill down to very close detail, and provides many different views of information. Click on the link. When it opens you must first sign "agree." The follow the directions carefully to open up a portion of the map in your area. For example, search for "Red Fox Rd' not "Red Fox Road."  At the right side of the map is a "levels" tab that will allow you to change the view to include or exclude many attributes. This is a public version of the County land parcel map, but does not contain all the information od the version used by the zoning and tax administrators. 

Last modified on Sunday, 26 February 2017 14:41

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