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Rain and Fireflies

July has thrown a wet blanket on June. The rain we prayed for last month has been delivered with pounding thunderstorms in the last week. Heat and humidy on muggy nights brings out the fireflies. You can stand in the dark and watch tiny sparks cruise slowly abou the garden. They are the talisman of water. Water is our greatest natural resouce. No matter how much of each torrent washes down into the Delaware, Smithfiled is blessed with an undergound aquifier that is bountiful. Rain from the plateau fills our creeks and settles into our fields. Much of it percolates into the layers of shale and slate that hold it for the backyard well-driller to find. Even through the dry months, water is there underground in abundace. We want to work to keep it that way by protecting our creeks and streams and floodplains. They are the resource we can not live without and the key to not only our source of water but its purity.